Why do you need a Sound System for your TV? Find out

Best TV sound bar

Soundbars are a great addition to your TV with thin and low-quality audio output. Whether you own a 4K TV or an HDTV or even a basic Television set, if it doesn’t deliver quality audio, it looks like an ugly home appliance. I’ve always found the built-in TV speakers to be a lackluster this is why I always prefer a custom and best TV soundbar.

It was quite difficult to find the best soundbar under 200 dollar range. We had to go through the specifications and features of a lot of soundbars before we finally came up with the best TV Soundbar for you.

Yamaha YAS-203 Soundbar with Bluetooth and Wireless Subwoofer

The Yamaha YAS-203 Soundbar dominated all our options for the best TV soundbar. It is a smart and perfect solution for high-quality audio and comes with a wireless and Bluetooth operated subwoofer that gives you a thrilling experience.

You can also mount the main soundbar on the wall or place it underneath your Television. The length and power output includes 34.9 inches and 200 watts 7.1 channel that is ideal for 40 inch and larger TV sets.

The subwoofer that comes along is wirelessly operated. There are multiple connectivity options which are wired and Bluetooth.

A remote control also comes along with the whole set that allows you to sync your favorite music. There is a total of two inputs, one optical and one coaxial.

It surely is an exciting and incredible soundbar for your TV with outstanding features and specifications. It hardly takes 15 minutes for you to take it out of the box and setup with your TV.

However, a few users have complained that after 1-2 years of use there was a small fluctuation in the quality of sound.


Overall, the Yamaha Soundbar is the best TV soundbar with 5 star rating and comes at a very affordable price.

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Programming & Application Development

First step in the app development is the question: which programming language to use. It is not simple decision. Here are the top five: Javascript, Java, C#, Swift, PHP. It is not necessary to know all five of them. The mobile industry is growing fast and programmers must keep the track with incoming languages. It is always better to know more!

Javascript: The most common programming language. It is relatively simple and so much useful. Besides that, there is no official universal standard for Javascript. Also, Javascript is profitable. It can be used very easy.

Java: It is important to not be confused with Javascript. Java can be used across different operating systems. You can find it in Android mobile system by Google. Programmers can use Java as a transition language. It has a similar structure with basic C-based languages.

C#: is the default programming language. It is used for Windows-based applications. It is not hard to learn if you have history in basic programming languages. Also, it is based on the classical C-type languages.

Swift: Apple has created it in 2014. It is designed to work with iOS and OS X systems. It is easier than Objective C code.

download (1)PHP: it is similar with C based programming languages. It supports a large database and that is what makes php ideal for apps. PHP is also very flexible, simplifying the codes and a great choice.

Programmers, obviously, writing the codes and it is important to have technical skills. They are good in math skill too and must pay attention to the details. Of course, they must have problem solving skills. Technology is evolving fast and programmer must be into that and keep the track with that. Many programmers love best thin bezel monitor 2016, because they can play games.

Modern IT has a heart and that is software. This years, programmers are hired for literally everything. Programmers in most of cases don’t need diploma to get a job. It is everything about skill and that is how they gain the experience. They are the greatest demand on the market this year. Those skills are Java programming, hardware controllers etc…

Mobile app development is constantly are mobile app developers. That is a huge number. Costumer can pre-install these apps on the phone. Mobile User Interface Design is also part of mobile apps. Contexts, design, screen – all parts are mobile UI. The goal is user-friendly interface. Something that can sell any app. There are things that app developer must carefully thinking about it.

Every app must be tested before going on the market. Emulators add cheap way to test the app. Because developers can’t always have access physically to mobile phones. Some of them are: Google Android Emulator, MobiOne, iPhoney, TestiPhone, Windows UI Automation and The official Android SDK Emulator

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App Stores

downloadYou can find app stores all around the world. Developers are sometimes rewarded if the sell is going well and that is a great stimulus. Apple has it’s own app store of course and their apps running only on iOS devices. Today it is almost 800,000 iOS apps! Google has Play Store. Customers can find there free apps as well as with the price.

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What Do I Need In Order To Program?

Programming is one the most essential skills that you can learn. The best part about this is that you don’t need to be a college graduate in order to program. Kids as young as 7 can start programming. Programming can open up huge new horizons for you. You can build software, games and even animate. If you get good enough, you can even monetize your skills and the way the market seems, you can earn a lot by making a great app.

Take for example the developer of the game called “Flappy Bird”. This was an average guy from Vietnam who made such as simple game tat everyone enjoyed. As a result of this simple game, he earned a vast amount of money. The application itself was quite simple. In fact, you can probably make the same app if you diligently learn the language for about 6 months.

An Idea

There is always the question: should you have an idea and then learn programming or should you learn programming and then think of an idea. The way I see it, it is better to have an idea and then learn how to code. With the idea it will also become clear which platform to target and which language you are going to learn. So for example if you have an idea for a game app on android, it would make sense if you start of learning Java instead of C or other programming languages. As is the case with all businesses, it is the idea that sells.

So have a great idea. It can be as simple as an app with two pages or it could be complex one.


learn how to codeThe other things that you obviously need is a hardware. You don’t need a super fast computer. You don’t need to invest in a powerful core i7 processor or graphics card. What you need is a decent enough CPU, a good keyboard because you will be typing a lot and great display. When it comes to hardware, you would benefit the most from a good display. You can either invest in a single display or you can multiple monitors. Many programmers go for multiple monitors making monitors there single biggest investment as far as the hardware is concerned. If you do choose to for multiple monitors, you would benefit from no bezel monitor, which are quite cheap and readily available in the current market.


When you start learning how to code, you will to install compilers. These can be free or paid. I would prefer going for the free ones. For example if you want to learn C, you can either download C-Free, which is a very basic compiler, or you can go for Eclipse, which is a bit more advanced to setup but is a brilliant compiler. Both of them are free.

When you start programming for a platform, you are required to have their dedicated Software Development Kit or SDK. Some are free while others need to be paid for. For example, Android SDK is entirely free. All you need to is install it and you are ready to code.


Well this is a no-brainer, you do need to have guides in order to learn how to program. For me personally, the best way to learn the basics of any language is Youtube. Youtube has some of the best tutorials that you can ever have. The other places that you can learn how to code can be found in this list.

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Logo Making Websites

Useful tools when designing a logo: design contests, free logo generators and ready-to-use sample logos. Look for itself designing a logo also: Create your own logo

99 designs

99 design a marketplace for designers. Everyone can submit a ‘race’ to place a logo, then you can choose from dozens of different designs of logo creators. You only pay for a chosen design. Cost: from 279 euros.

Graphic Springs

Fast website to click a simple logo together. There is a choice of logos and forms, which you can customize the colors and size. To save the logo, you can create a screenshot. You can also download it in high resolution. Cost: From $ 20.

logo Instant

Logos for do-it-yourselfers: small collection of modern logos free – royalty-free – can be downloaded as Photoshop or Illustrator file.


Archive with over 10,000 logos of companies, brands and films. All files can be downloaded as vector file.

logo Creatr

Free to make a simple 2.0 logo: choose your colors, font and effect, and this logo generator directly produces a logo. Save: click on it with the right mouse button, and choose “Save Picture As”.

2015 Logo Lounge Trend report

Article about current trends in logo design with the colors, shapes and techniques are explained in recent times. English.

Logo of the day

Inspiration for logo designers: come daily examples of past good, professional, sound logos.

logo Pond

Inspiration for creatives: Pond Logo gives examples of playful, professional logos and corporate identities.


Fashion website to create a logo design without any knowledge. After giving company name, description, and choose different styles, you get six logos presented (you have to register). The logos can be stored on the computer screen. You can also purchase a logo in high resolution. Cost: From $ 39.


Generator to create a free logo in the style of Twitter: round letters with a white border. The font size and choose the colors themselves. Nice for a funny website, but obviously not suited to a ‘real’ logo.


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Best Websites to Learn Programming

Best websites and programs to teach the principles of programming, and start creating programs and games. For adults and children. LEARNING PROGRAMMING FOR BEGINNERS


Alice is a program that teaches the basics without code of object-oriented programming. It was developed by Carnegie Mellon University and intended for children (but suitable for all beginners). Alice, complex 3-D worlds are made, and the principles are clear of objects, properties, and functions. Platform: Windows (all versions), Mac, Linux. Language: English. Free: Yes.


Interactive courses for Javascript, HTML / CSS, jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP for beginners and advanced. The short lessons to encourage to go, and you get a “reward” as an exercise has been completed. There is also a Dutch course for beginners javascript Platform: Online. Language: Some English courses, mostly in English, German and French. Free: Yes.

Computer Craft

Computer Craft is a module for the popular game Minecraft. Lets you build a computer in the Minecraft world, and to program itself. For example, in order to control a robot which kills samples or dig tunnels. Use is made of a simple programming language which is not used outside Minecraft but is quite suitable for a start programming. To use Computer Craft is first necessary to install Minecraft Forge. Platform: Windows PC with Minecraft and Forge. Language: English. Free: Yes.


With this program in core children can make a platform game with different levels. You can design something yourself, or use an example. The program does not pass code: drag your blocks into a playing field and incorporates actions. Children can learn GameKit the rudiments of programming. The result is to be published on the Game Stage. Platform: Online. Language Dutch. Free: Yes.


This iPad app teaches kids playfully program by making a script of blocks of commands. Hopscotch is loosely based on the programming language Scratch. Platform: iPad. Language: English. Free: Yes.


Puzzle game in which you “program” a robot to stabbing to light. Here are the basics of programming discussed, such features, terms and repetitions. Platform: Online. Language: English. Free: Yes.


RoboMind is a simple programming environment that lets you move a robot itself. The robot runs on a map and look around, take things and signs. With its own programming language ROBO you can control the robot and learn programming ease. In addition, you get acquainted with robotics and artificial intelligence. RoboMind is of Dutch origin. Platform: Windows (all versions), Linux, Mac OS X. Language Dutch. Free: Yes.


Scratch is designed to teach programming, children (8-14 years). It is a visual programming environment, which can make your games and animations. The program does not pass code: you choose commands and connect them together. The created projects can be put online and share with others. TU Delft has a page on Scratch where among others, a Dutch book and sample programs can be downloaded. Also on the Lower Scratch website to find additional translations. Platform: Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X and Ubuntu. Language Dutch. Free: Yes.

eloquent JavaScript

Excellent course to learn Javascript. The principles are clearly explained, with your own code examples can enter and test. The course is on the Internet, but can also be downloaded at all. Platform: Online (or download). Language: English. Free: Yes.

Guru 99

Large amount of lessons for web programming (among others, Javascript, Perl and PHP) software and automation, with extensive use of video. Platform: Online. Language: English. Free: Yes.


Online courses HTML, CSS and Javascript: the basic techniques for building Web pages. With clear explanations and examples. Platform: Online. Language: English. Free: Yes.

P2PU School of Webcraft

The Peer to Peer University is an online community where you can attend free classes and contacts with fellow students. The School of Webcraft sponsored by Mozilla – the Firefox browser – but the lessons are written by Web developers. There are lessons on JavaScript include, Python, PHP and HTML / CSS. Platform: Online. Language: English. Free: Yes.

Start programming

Course of the Open University program in which basic skills are taught using Java logo (an extension to Java). In this course, a program is written to a pen drives which draws on a drawing sheet. The lessons and exercises can be downloaded as PDF or RTF file. requires approximately 100 MB of free disk space for the corresponding software Java logo. Platform: Windows. Language Dutch. Free: Yes.



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List of Best Web Blog and Content Management System

CMSStarting a blog is easy: within a few minutes you are online. Those who want more features, can also install your own weblog software.


The biggest blog service in the world. A free Blogger blog offers many opportunities, such as comments, followers, RSS, group blogs, profiles and statistics. You can put via email and phone something on your blog, and link your own domain name to the blog. Photos and videos can be uploaded through Blogger. Choose from lots of layouts, and you can customize the layout entirely. Dutch: Yes. Advertising: No (or a Blogger bar). Domain: mijnnaam.blogspot.com or private domain.


Edublogs focuses on educational web logs for classes, teachers, students and schools. You can easily discussion forums, wikis and e-portfolios establish and moderate the contribute to this. Edublogs is based on the blog platform WordPress. There are free and paid subscriptions. Dutch: No. Advertising: No.

At Penzu you online to keep a diary, with photos. It works quickly and is private: nobody can read it. You can have people send a personal invitation to see the diary. Dutch: No. Advertising: No.

Skynet Blogs
The Belgian weblog service Skynet Blog offers different layouts, comments, tags, categories, RSS and statistics. Photos can be uploaded directly to Skynet Blogs. Dutch: Yes. Advertising: Yes. Domain: mijnnaam.skynetblogs.be


Modern, compact blogging service that focuses on people who WordPress and TypePad are too complicated. Sunsed have significantly less ability, but leave you with the most used options to quickly create a nice blog. Dutch: No. Advertising: No. Free trial, then paid subscription. Domain: mijnnaam.sunsed.com or private domain.


This is a tumblelog or micro blog: a simple blog, which is especially suitable for links, photos and videos to post. Expect to Tumblr is not possible Blogger or TypePad, but everything works quickly and easily. You can also connect your own domain name to a Tumblr blog. Dutch: Yes. Advertising: No. Domain: mijnnaam.tumblr.com or private domain.


Typepad is a paid blog sites with many opportunities, among others comments, RSS, videos, apps and ads. You can choose from excellent designs that you can change yourself. Some plans include a private domain. Dutch: Yes. Advertising: No. Domain: mijnnaam.typepad.com or private domain.


Those who have webhosting can install their own weblogsoftware . That way you are not dependent on a blogging service . The weblog is entirely to your own taste . You must have the technical knowledge to manage the website itself. You are also responsible for the security of the system.


The most widely used open source blog software has extensive capabilities, and there are daily new tools at . Among other things, you can be notified when it is linked to your article and create pages that are only visible to members . There are many themes ( layouts ) and extensions ( plugins) available . Through the large user community is available online help for working with WordPress. Platform : Server with PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.6 or higher. Dutch : Yes. Free : Yes.

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